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Mighty Lion Jigsaw
Tiborné Vig

Az ajándokozottnak nagyon tetszett!

Mighty Lion Jigsaw
Tjaša Vajdetič

Čeprav v majhni verziji, primerno zahtevna, kar nam je všeč (:

Playful Butterfly Jigsaw
Tjaša Vajdetič

Č u d o v i t a.

Playful Butterfly Jigsaw
Krisztián Geibl

Nagyon tetszett a kirakós, gyönyörű, és pontosan illeszkednek a darabok.

Mighty Lion Jigsaw
Janette Meir
Mighty Lion

I bought this item as a birthday gift for a special friend. She is thrilled with it. The pieces are beautiful and I think it will be quite a challenge for her.
Thank you.


The puzzles from company Lubiwood are great and original.
We love it with my daughter.
Thanks for perfect idea and communication

Puzzle Saver Kit
Anna Laura De Cola
Puzzle saver kit

Very useful kit. Since it contains 5 glue sheets, it can be used for future puzzles.

Curious Cat Jigsaw
Anna Laura De Cola
Curious cat puzzle

I bought it for my 11 years old niece knowing that she could manage it. And in fact she made it in one day, although she found it a bit difficult. She liked it very much.

Mighty Lion Jigsaw
Roman Freistätter
Good and challenging!

5/5 - would puzzle again 😁


Regalo super originale e bellissimo.!!!
Complimenti per la realizzazione accurata nei dettagli.S P LE N DI D O
Sono super contento del regalo ricevuto. Grazie e tantissimi auguri per la vostra attività

African Savanna Jigsaw
Myrtle Buchanan
Savannah joy

Loved this puzzle. Easier than some as there were distinct creatures to begin to build. The treats were all the other hidden animal creatures. So delightful. Liked the special price

Puzzle Saver Kit
Richard Masters
Challenging and fun

I was given the lion jigsaw as a present and enjoyed putting it together enormously. Now mounted using the easy to use Saver Kit. Gone on to order the Wolf and the Owl and look forward to receiving them. Great value.

Cosmic Owl Jigsaw
Graham Brewin

My wife has only just started her new jigsaw of the owl so will report back with a progress as it goes on are lion jigsaw is now framed and proud.

Fancy Flamingo Jigsaw
Felicity Russell
Fabulous Flamingo!

I bought the fish design puzzle for my mum for Christmas and she loved the tactile wooden pieces. Such a beautiful thing. So I added to her collection for mother's day with this 'pretty flamingo' 🩷🦩 another joyful product, thank you!

Pacific Turtle Jigsaw
Caroline Sweeney
Calming seas

How beautiful and peaceful the turtle design is. It captures the serenity of a gentle creature with relaxing patterns and colours. Quality worth every penny.

Mighty Lion Jigsaw
Caroline Sweeney

I recently bought the majestic lion jig puzzle, I loved the design, the colours and the intricacy of the animal shaped pieces. It looked fun. Great to share with the kids, during 'me' time and... more 'me time'. Quality product, wonderfully challenging but not frustrating.

Ciekawski kot

To nie pierwsze puzzle zakupione w Lubiwood. Są pięknie wykonane i ciekawe w każdym wydaniu. Jeśli ktoś lubi nietypowe rozwiązania w puzzlach, to są one właśnie dla niego.

Blue Butterfly

A special gift much appreciated for its beauty and design. The quality justifies the price. Next time I will take one for myself. The shipment was faster than expected, all thumbs up!

Sensational Stallion

This is a perfect addition to my already fast growing collection of unique wooden puzzles. It’s well made and purchasing it in the pouch rather than the wooden box is so more economical and environmentally friendly.

Great easy puzzle

This is really easy and quick ongoing puzzle, very satisfying especialy if you already did a quite complicated one:) Nice colours and illustration

Great for gift 🎁

She love it with puzzle with heart.

Wild Wolf Jigsaw
Annette S.
Good quality as always

This is my 5th Lubiwood jigsaw and the quality is always really good. Delivery was quick too. The wolf image is beautiful and I loved completing it.

Beautiful image

The butterfly is a beautiful image in stunning colours. It's not my first Lubiwood jigsaw and the quality is always excellent. Really enjoyed the challenge of completing this one.

Heart Mandala Jigsaw
Doris Eisenblätter
puzzle spass

Es macht sooooo viel Spaß, diese einzigartigen, wunderhübsch geformten Teile zu einem Ganzen zusammen zu fügen.


High quality, lots of fun to solve!

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