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Virgo Zodiac Jigsaw
Milan Koškovský

Absolutely perfect

Très bel objet agréable à manipuler.

Cosmic Owl Jigsaw
Petra Peter
Kosmische Eule

Ich bin total begeistert von euren Puzzeln. Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, war aber auch eine große Herausforderung so ohne Vorlage. Habe aber die Eule und den Löwen gemeistert. Vielen Dank dafür. Liebe Grüße Petra

Winter Fairytale Jigsaw
Kimberly Bartholomew
Best Puzzles EVER!

I absolutely love these puzzles! I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and then one for myself recently. Because I was a repeat customer, the one I bought for me came with a free, smaller one, that I chose from two that they offered. First can I tell you how much I love the smell of these??!!! Sounds crazy, but I am a very sensory-sensitive person and the mixture of the fresh wood smell, the unique shaped pieces, the beautiful quality of the images, and the feel of strong wood, makes me enjoy them even more. I love puzzles, but am often disappointed in the quality of normal puzzles - both their sturdiness and colorfulness. Yes they are not cheap, but nothing of quality is. They are well worth the price.

Will be back for more!

Funky Fish Jigsaw
Ingrid Stetter
Super funky fish

Schnelle Lieferung, super schöne,tolle Puzzels.
Sehr zu empfehlen!!!

Pacific Turtle Jigsaw
Sabine Möller
Ein wunderschönes Puzzle!

Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, diese herrliche Schildkröte zusammen zu setzen. Die einzelnen, sehr außergewöhnlichen Puzzleteile sind schon selbst von ihren Formen und Mustern her wunderbar. Sie sind wie versprochen sehr exakt und stabil gearbeitet, so dass auch kleinste und verschlungene Formen möglich sind. Ein wunderschönes Puzzle!




I love it. Beautiful.

Pacific Turtle Jigsaw

Super. Nous avons déjà monter la tortue deux fois. Elle est magnifique. Par ces couleurs et par sa forme. La taille que nous avons choisi est bien suffisante.

Playful Butterfly Jigsaw

Nous avons monter le papillon à deux. Difficile par çà couleur. Tous ces bleus. Mais ça nous à bien plus. Il est très beau. Nous le referons avec plaisir. Bravo.

Cosmic Owl Jigsaw
sue Pearson
Love it !

I am a fan. The puzzle is well made, extremely beautiful, and fiendishly difficult. I shall definitely buy several others when I have finished my first. Thank you.



Simply Beautiful

I'm so happy I ordered this grow story height chart. The photos online don't do justice to how simply beautiful it is in real life. The craftsmanship is outstanding and it makes a stunning feature when displayed. I can't wait to start recording my little ones height and photos with it. Thank you Lubiwood! Hope to see more unique products from you in the future!

A wonderful and unique present

It was a very well received gift. My niece was very pleased with it. It was her birthday present from me. She loves both puzzles and dragons.

Cosmic Owl Jigsaw
Jana Pešková

Úžasné, zábavné, poskladám si to viackrát a potom nalepím a vystaví.


Pacific Turtle Jigsaw
Jozefina Rudzinska
gteat brain traning

It takes time to make it complete but if you start this challange you wont stop it!!! Its a perfect manual game, brain training and stress releas.

Royal Tiger Jigsaw
Tamás Légrádi
Amazing jigshaw

Arrived quickly. The box is nice and high quality, as well as the puzzle. Not easy to put every piece to its place but it is fun and once done it looks great.

Curious Cat Jigsaw
Adrian Diaconu

It looks very good, qualitative puzzle, fine colours, i really recommend it.


I gave 4 Stars because the delivery took 40days but the puzzle is great


Este un puzzle super! Culorile sunt vibrante, piesele de foarte buna calitate si se imbina perfect. Numarul de piese poate pare mic, dar este foarte complex datorita formelor neobisnuite si elementelor deocrative.

Funky Fish Jigsaw
Agata Golecka
A real adventure!

Not so obvious or easy, which is great, and lots of fun!

Curious Cat Jigsaw
Roland Márton

Quality product. Fun and beautiful.

Mighty Lion Jigsaw
Tamás Báblics

Artistic value, super detailed, beautifully crafted puzzle. It takes time to complete.

Taurus Zodiac Jigsaw
Larisa Dublea

I-am dăruit soțului și fiicei cadou de Crăciun,dar ne-am distrat eu cu fiica. Nu am văzut niciodată la fetiță atâta ambiție și până nu l-a terminat nu s-a ridicat de pe scaun. E un altfel de pazle si de mare calitate. Mulțumim!

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