What makes Lubiwood wooden jigsaw puzzles special?

More than just wooden jigsaw puzzles

Lubiwood was established in 2020. A young couple, Beti and Luka, who share the love for wooden jigsaw puzzles and putting them together decided to start designing their own jigsaw puzzles. Their aim was to make the Lubiwood wooden jigsaw puzzles as fun, unique and, most important, as nature-friendly as possible. 🍃

Now you can choose from a wide range of different designs: animal jigsaw puzzles, nature jigsaw puzzles and zodiac jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle pieces are shaped like animals, elements from nature or have other interesting designs. We’re striving to bring you joy every month by adding new, beautiful designs suitable for all generations!

Wooden jigsaw puzzles made from quality materials

The jigsaw puzzles are made from specially selected sustainable and high-quality European wood. The jigsaw puzzle pieces are visibly thicker in comparison to traditional jigsaw puzzle pieces, which makes our puzzles even more enjoyable to assemble. Each jigsaw puzzle is carefully packaged in a wooden gift box or eco-degradable bag. 

If you are buying our puzzle as a gift, we recommend choosing a wooden gift box. Although bags are easier to store and take up less space. You can choose your own packaging. 😉

Carefully designed and cut out jigsaw puzzles

The Lubiwood team is not only committed to designing high quality but also unique jigsaw puzzles. Each design takes up to a few months to be carefully created and is only available on the Lubiwood online shop. From the initial concept and design outline, to drawing out the unique pieces that, in the end, make up a beautiful whole. All jigsaw puzzles are laser cut with precision in a family workshop in Kamnik, Slovenia.

Wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and all other generations

Colorful jigsaw puzzles with pieces in the shapes of animals and other interesting patterns are the right choice if you want some fun or just a break from stressful everyday life. Some of our wooden jigsaw puzzle fans say they have a lot of fun when playing loud music while putting the puzzle pieces together with their loved ones. Others enjoy the peace and quiet and like to make sure no one disturbs them while they are assembling the puzzle. 🙌

That’s the magic of the Lubiwood wooden jigsaw puzzles! They are popular among the young and old alike, because despite the smaller number of pieces, they represent quite a challenge and a great workout for the brain. They can take several hours to complete. 

We invite you to browse through the designs of our wooden jigsaw puzzles here and become a part of our Lubiwood family. 💚

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