Puzzle Saver Kit

£ 17.00

Glue and hang your favourite Lubiwood Puzzles with our amazing Puzzle Saver Kit. It contains everything you need to display and enjoy your beautiful jigsaw puzzles forever. Let your home decor look even prettier!

We included two cardboards on which you can easily slide your assembled puzzle and turn it around, so it’s ready for gluing.

Inside the kit, you will find 5 glue sheets. They are custom-made and suitable for any of the puzzle sizes, as the glue sheets can be cut to a smaller size or combined together.

We included adhesive putties, which you can put on the back of the puzzle so it will stick anywhere. You can now hang your puzzle and make your wall decor even prettier.

The kit contains all that you need to glue and hang 2 large (A3) sizes OR 5 medium (A4) sizes OR 10 small (A5) sizes.

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Puzzle Saver Kit £ 17.00
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Wooden Puzzle Size Guide

Puzzle sizes explained

Most of our puzzles only come in a single size (M), however our best sellers are also available in a smaller and a larger version. Pick your favorite and get ready for hours of puzzle-solving fun! 😊


Premium Box 🎁 Our boxes are beautifully designed with a locking mechanism and the perfect size to be sent as a gift.

Size Puzzle dimensions 🧩 Box dimensions 📦
S (A5) 21×15 cm 15x11x5 cm
M (A4) 29×21 cm 19x14x5 cm
L (A3) 42×29 cm 19x14x7 cm


Open the cardboard to the size that will fit your puzzle. Secure the cardboard with sticky tape on the edge of the table where your puzzle is positioned. Be careful that the sticky tapes have no wrinkles and are nicely ironed out.



Holding the cardboard, carefully slide the assembled puzzle onto it.



Close the cardboard or position the second cardboard onto it. Position one hand below and the other hand above the two cardboard layers. Turn the puzzle while holding a cardboard with two hands.



Depending on the puzzle's size, take the appropriate glue sheets. Glue sheets can be cut to a smaller size or combined together. Separate the transparent part of the glue sheet from the white layer.



Carefully position the glue sheet over your assembled puzzle.



Iron out the glue sheet with hand movements from the center outwards. Any hard plastic card can be used for maximum adhesion.



Use a utility knife to cut the excess glue sheet. Cut approximately 5mm from the edge of the puzzle. It is not necessary to exactly match the shape of the edge of the puzzle. It is enough that every piece is glued to the glue sheet.



Use adhesive putty to glue the puzzle to the wall. Depending on the size of the puzzle use an appropriate number of adhesive putties. Roll and make a ball from each adhesive putty. Distribute all adhesive putty balls over the back of the puzzle.



Take the puzzle with both hands and place it on the desired surface. Press the puzzle firmly with both hands to secure its position.